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Huntsville Fishing Spots: The Top 5 In The Muskoka, Region

huntsville fishing spots

With plenty of freshwater lakes, the Muskoka region is a paradise for keen fishers, both beginners and experts alike. Do you love the serenity of fly fishing or the excitement of reeling in fighting fish? Or maybe you’re just like me, who loves peace, wants the fighting fish but gets nothing, nada, not even a gentle, playful tug on my line. Either way, these Huntsville fishing spots are some of the best fishing spots in Ontario. 

Within 50km of Huntsville’s small town in Muskoka County, there are over 1400 lakes to cast your line and flourishing rivers and creeks nearby. The area offers some of the most excellent Muskoka fishing with a range of species from northern pike to speckled trout. 

I’ve compiled a list of some of Huntsville’s top fishing spots for fishing off the shore, boat fishing, or river fishing. So, if you’re looking for the best places to fish in Ontario, Huntsville, you’ve come to the right place! With so many excellent areas, you’ll want to spend a weekend fishing the waters. 

If you are 18 and over or under 65 years old, you will need to purchase a fishing license in the form of an Ontario Card. In addition, when it comes to fishing Muskoka is part of Zone 15.  

fishing in huntsville

Huntsville Fishing Spots: Shore Fishing

No boat? No problem! Huntsville boasts a plethora of lakes where you can hope for some tight lines and big catches. Here are my top picks for shore fishing in Muskoka, Huntsville area. 

Mary Lake

This lake is thriving with a variety of species that keen anglers will love. These include smallmouth and largemouth bass, northern pike, sunfish, perch, and lake trout. 

The Clyffe House dock is a great spot to take children as it’s teeming with small fish and is one of the top Ontario fishing spots for beginners looking for an easy catch. Simply grab a rod and some wriggling worms, and you’ll have a perch on the line in no time. You don’t have to worry about a license for children under 18 as it’s not required in Ontario. 
**Please note that the dock (and resort) are for paying guests only**

Rest assured, there is exciting fishing for the more experienced fishers, too. Keep a lookout for rising lake trout and northern pike in the summer months.

Huntsville fishing spots - mary lake

Boat Fishing in Huntsville

Some lakes are better for fishing off a boat, canoe or kayak, especially when you can head off into the reeds to find the monsters that lurk there. Most lakes rent out boats on a first-come, first-serve basis, but even better if you have your own. Live bait tends to work well, so come prepared with some minnows in the cooler. 

Lake Vernon

Lake Vernon is a popular hotspot in Huntsville for spinning, trolling or fly fishing. There’s a catch for everyone; the waters are buzzing with multiple species. While you can fish from the shore, if you’re looking to reel in the sought-after pike, a boat will work in your favour. 

You’ll no doubt catch a lake trout as the lake is stoked to encourage natural production. However, bass, pike and walleye dominate the lake. It’s a prosperous lake year-round and makes for an excellent ice fishing lake too. 

You can access the lake by boat in Avery Beach Park and Hutcheson Beach Park in Huntsville.  

Chub Lake

Packed with game species such as northern pike, crappie and walleye, this is an ideal spot for boat fishing near Huntsville. There are some bountiful walleye and bass holes to search for, and you can head through Chub Narrows and Perch Narrows between Perch Lake and Chub Lake for more fantastic fishing. 

The two lakes with the connecting channels offer a lot of excellent fishing opportunities. Be aware that the north channel through Perch Narrows is a rocky route that requires an experienced angler to navigate safely. 

mage by Khalid Mehmood 

River Fishing Muskoka, Huntsville

In the surrounding Huntsville area, there are numerous freshwater rivers and creeks for some excellent fishing spots. You may have to travel some distances, but the effort will be worth the reward when you get your catch of the day. Pack your bait and your rod and get fishing!

The Big East River

This is a scenic river near Huntsville surrounded by forests with countless fishing spots where you’ll love to spend the day on the water whether you catch it or not. This is a fantastic fly fishing location in Huntsville for reeling in speckled trout as well as largemouth and smallmouth bass. 

The early mornings and late afternoons on the river are when the fish are most active and rising for food. It’s an excellent time to try for a catch, and it’s a beautiful time to be on the river with the surrounding nature bathed in amber light. Rifle through your fly box and find the perfect fly to lure in the rising fish. 

Veuve River

Although still in Muskoka, this river is 79 miles from Huntsville. But if northern pike, sturgeon or largemouth bass is what you’re after, it’s the place to be. It’s a popular Muskoka river fishing area for a good reason, and it’s near Huntsville – or near enough that it’s worth the drive. 

The river is known for big catches and a flourishing fish population. The river flows into Lake Nipissing at Cache Bay, an excellent area for smallmouth bass, walleye and muskie. There are many fishing spots with ample opportunities to be had between the lake and the river. 

fishing in muskoka
muskoka fishing
Huntsville Fishing Spots

Cast Your Line at One of These Huntsville, Muskoka, Fishing Spots

There are few things better than an Ontario day trip to one of the many spectacular water bodies in the province – even better with your rod, tackle, bait and a plethora of species! 

Whether you’re looking for a fight with big game fish or keen to spend the day with your fly rod in the rivers, Huntsville has something for you. 

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