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Welcome To Road Trip Ontario

My name is Christopher Rudder, owner, travel writer, videographer and photographer for the website Rudderless Travel and host of my podcast Travel Horror Stories and my YouTube Channel.

As a travel writer, there is nothing I love more than to be jet-setting around the globe exploring all the popular tourist attractions while uncovering all the gems hidden off the beaten paths. 

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When I return home, I write many fun blog posts and produce a bunch of cool videos to document my journey, and then I’m already starting to plan the next adventure !!

Then in 2020, COVID-19 came and grounded all flights.

What a blessing in disguise.

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That year, I was forced to travel locally and even though I’m born and raised in Toronto, outside of some trips to Niagara Falls, exploring Ontario was something I never did. Let’s just say that road trips around Ontario, whether a day trip or weekend getaway, completely blew me away.

Together with my partner-in-crime (Gordana Grubor), my goal is to explore every nook and cranny.

Our Goal:
Promote diversity, support local business, eat, drink and inspire day trips and weekend getaways in my own backyard, not just for my fellow Torontonians but all Ontarians and Canadians !!

Keep Calm and Road Trip ON