Spending The Day With Tiny Tim The Mini Donkey

tiny tim the mini donkey

I am a city boy.

I was born in Toronto, I live in Toronto, I work in Toronto and I play in Toronto. I find the sensory overload soothing – bright lights, screaming sirens, loud music, cars honking, trains and streetcars rumbling along tracks and the loud obnoxious laughter of drunk individuals bar hopping. I love the smells of diverse food cooking mixed with the faint scent of exhaust fumes from cars stuck in traffic along the busy streets of the concrete jungle.

When I feel I want to be one with nature I simply visit a park – that’s surrounded by skyscrapers

My astrological sign is Taurus so if I am to entertain the whole zodiac game then I am an Earth sign and should theoretically love nature – which I do.

But when my good friend and self-proclaimed; take-no-prisoners, coffee and wine-fuelled, pedal to the metal, adrenaline junkie, unpredictable at best, Kathryn from Kathryn Anywhere wants to take me to the country…

I get nervous.  

She says she wants to take me to meet her friends Jody and Ted and their pet donkey out in Apsley, Ontario, I laughed so hard I almost fall out of my chair. But that’s Kat and that’s what I’ve come to expect from her.

The Night Before

The Boathouse Seafood Restaurants and Waterfront Patio

So we meet up in Belleville grab a bite to eat at The Boathouse Seafood Restaurant And Waterfront Patio then early in the morning I find myself riding shotgun, heading up North to a town called Apsley to meet Tiny Tim The Mini Donkey.

Why drive all the way to Apsley to visit a donkey? Well, Tiny Tim, the miniature donkey and his story have made him a bit of a celebrity and viral social media sensation.


Working On The Farm – From City Slicker To Farm Hand

Kat’s friends, Jody and Ted are a gracious and funny retired couple who own a 113-acre farm near a river in North Kawartha. It was established five years ago and it’s home to donkeys, horses, mini donkeys, mini horses, cows, ducks, goats and a big Muscovy drake.

When we pulled up Tiny Tim The Mini Donkey greeted us at the gate but before we get to hand with him and his best friend Chip we were invited inside for conversation over coffee and iced tea then put immediately to work on the farm.

I need to do what now?

My task was feeding the goats. When I entered the pen they were hiding behind doors peaking at me. I think they were as wary of me as I was of them. Ted gave me a bucket of their feed and as soon as I poured it into the trough, who I was didn’t matter anymore and I was nearly bowled over by goats appearing from every corner.

Meanwhile back on the ranch (because I always wanted to use that term in the proper context), Kat was learning to drive a tractor. Her mission is to pick up bail of hay and drive over to where the cows were hanging out and drop it off so they can eat. She did surprisingly well and no people, animals or property were damaged in the writing of this post.

mini donkey

To celebrate our first day on the farm Kat decided to take some selfies with a group of donkeys. All was well and good until one of the male donkeys got a little…ahem, excited.

Too excited…as in viagra is not needed…excited.

Right, so with all that excitement I took off on the ATV and drove off into the 113-acre wonderland. I have to admit nothing beats that fresh smell of country air as it fills your lungs while the wind blows through my dreads. I immediately realized that heading to my local park is not nearly enough.

This was an incredible and liberating feeling

tiny tim
tiny tim
tiny tim donkey


The Story of Tiny Tim The Mini Donkey

Probably the cutest miniature donkey you will ever meet.

Not to be confused with Timothy Cratchit, a fictional character from the 1843 novella A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens with Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present & Future.

On June 10, 2017, they found out that a tiny donkey was born on their farm and later named Tiny Tim. He was the size of a cat weighing only less than 10 pounds and was about 13 inches tall at his shoulders. Aside from his unusual size, his liver wasn’t functioning 100%.

tiny tim ninature donkey

Worst of all, he was abandoned by his mother. In nature, animal mothers have a sense that if something is wrong with their offspring, they let their babies die like birds that will push their young out of nests if there is a problem or they are too weak to survive.

tiny tim

After a few visits to a veterinarian, he survived, moved into the house with Jody and Ted and became a permanent family member.

His ticket to online fame is his small size and his goofy moves in front of the camera. Tiny Tim’s Facebook fan page has more than 225, 000 followers while Instagram has 11, 500 followers. Through Tiny Tim’s official website, you can shop T-shirts, Christmas Ornaments, coffee mugs, shopping bags, postcard magnets, baseball hats and soon a calendar bearing his cute photos.

For me, this was probably one of the best times I ever had outside of the city. I really want to sincerely thank Jody & Ted for welcoming us into their home and allowing us to play around on their farm – luckily we didn’t break anything! Tiny Tim and Chip are an unexpected blast and such a joy to be around, it’s easy to see why the internet has fallen in love with them, their parents and the entire farm family.

I can’t wait to come back and Kat is already missing her Donkey Kisses!


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