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Romantic Getaways Ontario | Weekend Trips for Couples

Romantic Getaways Ontario

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, love and all things romantic, here at Road Trip Ontario, one of us is thoroughly excited, and the other is already dreading all the cheesiness. We’ll let you guess who’s who! Despite this, Ontario is such a beautiful province that some places scream romance; outdoor campfire cuddles, indoor fireplace snuggles, long hikes while holding hands, luxury resorts and couples massages and more.

This Canadian province is ideal for a family trip and a romantic getaway for two. With the perfect balance of cities, towns and nature, there are many places to visit in Ontario that will make for a memorable weekend getaway filled with romance. 

Whether you’re in the mood for an Ontario road trip or even a quick day trip, this province has it all with some of the best romantic getaways Ontario offers!

Weekend Ontario Getaways for Couples

There are so many places to visit in Ontario that offer adventure, serenity, and of course, that romance and intimacy you’re looking for. To help you find the perfect couples getaway, here are twelve of our top picks for a weekend getaway in Ontario.


The capital of Canada, Ottawa, offers everything from history to local culture and even a bit of city life. If you’re looking for a romantic weekend in Ontario, this city is the perfect place to be. 

Things to Do

There is so much to do when visiting Ottawa. If you’re in the mood for a peaceful afternoon, stroll through the town while sightseeing or visiting a few local museums like the Canadian War Museum

You could even spend the day at the Au Natural Spa for a relaxing treatment or a round of golf. Finish it off with a soak in the outdoor saltwater pools.

If you’re looking for adventure and outdoor excitement, grab your skates (or rent some) and glide along the Rideau Canal Skateway hand-in-hand with your partner. Then you can say you’ve been to the world’s largest natural skiing rink, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Top Accommodation Picks

If you’re planning on staying in Ottawa for your romantic getaway in Ontario, here are some stunning hotels and resorts we recommend:

trip to ottawa - ottawa sign


If you prefer going small for romantic getaways, Ontario has you covered with plenty of small towns.

Killarney as a couple’s getaway is perfect for that suburban lakehouse holiday. This Canadian gem boasts displays of shining crystal quartzite along the La Cloche Mountain Range, where the waters reflect its shimmer. There is no way not to feel the love of a fairytale being surrounded by such beauty. 

Things to Do

Killarney offers you many outdoor activities, plus the little treasure of a castle to explore.

While in Killarney, you can enjoy your time outdoors at their National Park, taking lake boat tours or exploring the Torc Waterfall. Cycle, walk or hike as your preferred form of moving about. Whatever you choose, we guarantee you’ll enjoy every minute of it. 

If the outdoors is over-exhausted, enjoy a sighting of Ross Castle or take a trip to Muckross House or Abbey, where you can enjoy a nice picnic. Killarney is a beautiful place to be with your partner as you enjoy making many more memories. 

Top Accommodation Picks

When visiting Killarney, you can choose between many different lodges and hotels. Here are our romantic recommendations in and around the area:

ontario getaways


Taking a break from the glimmering views of Killarney, Muskoka offers a fresh, rugged, and natural atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy all that nature has to offer. With pines swept by the wind, rocky shores, and incredibly blue waters at Georgian Bay through the thick forest and vast wildlife, Muskoka truly is an incredible sight. 

Things to Do

Being a place full of nature, Muskoka offers an array of activities to enjoy within the natural settings of the world around you. 

On the azure waters, try out paddling as a pair or enjoy a luxurious boat cruise, taking in views of the surrounding cityscapes. This is especially romantic on New Year’s Day, as the skies are lit with colourful fireworks.

You can also enjoy many of the different live festivals in Muskoka for a night to remember. The festivals include the Muskoka Music Festival, the Muskoka Arts & Crafts Summer Show, and many more. 

And when you and your lover need daybreak, enjoy the spas and dining of the beautiful Muskoka.

Top Accommodation Picks

If you’ve got Muskoka on your list of destinations, add these accommodations as well for your next romantic getaway:

getaways in ontario

Huntsville and Algonquin Provincial Park (Muskoka)

Huntsville is the ultimate getaway for couples who love to embrace nature. Located just a few hours from the busy city of Toronto, this gorgeous part of Ontario will keep you busy in both summer and wintertime.

Things to Do

Huntsville and Algonquin Provincial Park have loads, ensuring you and your significant other have an unforgettable experience.

Hiking is one of the more popular activities to enjoy while visiting the Huntsville area. However, there are many other outdoor activities for you to partake in, regardless of the season. You can enjoy a more leisurely driving tour or other outdoor activities like canoeing and paddleboarding in the summer. And when winter arrives, you can embrace the cold and go skiing or snowmobiling. 

No matter what season you choose to spend your upcoming couples getaway in Huntsville and Algonquin Provincial Park, you are guaranteed a romantic and fun-filled trip with the one you love. 

Top Accommodation Picks

Next time you visit Huntsville and Algonquin Provincial Park, be sure to book yourself and your partner into one of these romantic accommodations:

ontario getaways for couples

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has long been one of the first places to pop up in the minds of anyone thinking of Ontario honeymoon ideas. In turn, it has also become a fantastic destination for short romantic getaways in the province with the falls and scenic strolls ahead.

The world-renowned Niagara Falls has to be one of Ontario’s most breathtaking attractions. Not to mention that there’s just something extra romantic about it. Whether you want to stroll along the walkways hand-in-hand or experience the views more excitingly, a trip to Niagara Falls will make for the memory of a lifetime. 

Things to Do

There are many ways to embrace Niagara Falls’s beauty with your loved one. It all depends on what type of romantic adventure you’re in the mood for.

Perhaps ziplining over the Niagara River Gorge might catch your attention if you feel adventurous. Experience a brief dose of adrenaline as you soar 67 meters above the river and get a close-up of the falls.

Maybe you want to soak up the views slowly, which you can do from the Niagara SkyWheel. This also provides the perfect combination of adventure and intimacy. 

And if merely observing the falls isn’t enough for you, dive right in as you go on a Niagara River Jet Boat Tour. This tour will speed you through Class 5 rapids as you embrace the excitement and the scenery of Niagara Falls.

Top Accommodation Picks

When visiting Niagara Falls, these are some of our top recommendations for a couples getaway in Ontario:

couples getaway


Niagara-on-the-Lake is a historic town that doubles as one of the best Ontario weekend getaways for couples. It is less popular than the globally renowned Niagara Falls, but this may be to your advantage as it means you aren’t met with the touristy crowds that frequent the former.

Things To Do

Start your visit with a stroll down the town’s glorious streets with your partner in one hand and a beverage from one of the cafes in the other. The walk is made interesting by some of the beautiful, historic buildings that line these streets with an architectural style from days past. 

While you can tell which building is new and which is old, keep your eyes open for the plaques on the walls that shed a little light on how old a building is. Additionally, you can learn about the small town’s history at Niagara-on-the-Lake Museum, home to some 8 000 artifacts and around 2 500 photographs.

As an alternative to walking the town, you can view the town by bike or while getting transported by a horse-drawn carriage. We recommend the latter above all else because you’ll have a knowledgeable guide taking you around town and telling you all they know about it.

If you and your partner are fans of art galleries, you can have a fun little tour as the town has many galleries. Whether you visit the All in the Wild Gallery, the Edward Spera Gallery, or Upper Canada Native Art Gallery, the exhibitions are sure to blow your mind.

Top Accommodation Pick

Niagara-on-the-Lake doesn’t have a shortage of accommodation options, and it can be hard to choose one. Of those choices, we recommend a stay at the Staybridge Suites Niagara-on-the-Lake.

romantic getaways ontario


Since Road Trip Ontario is based in Toronto, we spend most of our time planning trips away from Toronto. Still, Toronto is easily one of the top places to visit in Ontario for the weekend of your dreams with your partner in crime. Ontario’s capital has a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor activities for the hot and cold seasons.

Toronto, the capital of Ontario in Canada, is a favourite amongst those visiting the province. It’s your typical city with skyscrapers and high-rise buildings, almost as tall as those in New York City. Visiting Toronto will offer you a different kind of romantic getaway, where you and your partner can enjoy dining out and a night in the city. 

Things To Do

Toronto has loads of history behind it, so it has many historical and artistic sights to observe and enjoy. We’ve compiled quite an extensive list of the top 35 places to visit in Toronto.

If you want to appreciate the city, embrace romantic sunsets on the top floors of some of the city’s highest skyscrapers. Or enjoy the lovely and very ancient castles found in the city. 

Toronto also boasts an aquarium, museums, and a theatre where local plays are performed regularly. Even with all the hustle and bustle of the city, Toronto will inspire romance and intimacy as you spend a weekend away with your partner. 

Top Accommodation Picks

If you’re planning on visiting Toronto, there are endless possibilities for places to stay. Here are some of our top romantic picks:

must see places in toronto - cn tower

Prince Edward County

There’s just something about the rolling hills and small-town sensations of Prince Edward County that provide both nostalgic and romantic feelings. Plus, it’s a major well-known wine region. Found only a few hours away from the vibrant city of Toronto, this area offers peace and serenity, making for an ideal romantic weekend getaway. 

Things to Do

Set just a few hours from Toronto is this incredible area renowned for its rolling hills and fascinating small towns. It’s one of the best places to go in Ontario for a weekend full of nothing but serenity with touches of romance.

Prince Edward County is the perfect place for an intimate weekend spent relaxing in romance. Although there’s not much to do, the county is home to many small towns, each boasting unique attractions. This includes occasional festivals and events which bring the towns to life.

Prince Edward County offers typical small-town attractions, from boutique stores to cozy cafes, art galleries, and even antique shops. Spend the day strolling through the towns doing some sightseeing and shopping, and pop into a few quaint restaurants for local eats and treats. 

You can even quickly drive to Sandbanks Provincial Park for a summer beach day.

Top Accommodation Picks

If you’re looking for somewhere to stay in Prince Edward County, here are some quaint and romantic spots to choose from:

Perfect for a romantic getaway near Toronto, but if you’d prefer to stay closer to the hustle and bustle of the city, then be sure to take a private tour of Prince Edward County.

romantic getaways

Blue Mountain Resort

The Blue Mountains have to be one of the most romantic places in Ontario. With enchanting pedestrian-only streets and high-end stores and restaurants, it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular ski resorts and romantic getaways near Toronto. 

Things to Do

Being a popular ski resort, Blue Mountain is known for its slopes and apres-ski. This vibrant part of Ontario is the perfect place for a couple who enjoys a fun vibe and being active while also embracing the romance the resort has to offer. 

You might think this ski resort is only worth visiting in the wintertime. Lucky for you, Blue Mountains is the perfect holiday destination all year round. In the fall and the summertime, the slopes are still plenty fun for strolling or hiking along the Niagara Escarpment. Wandering along these trails will lead you to stunning waterfalls and widespread views. You can even rent a mountain bike if you prefer. 

And if you’d prefer a relaxing afternoon, cozy up to your partner on the patio as you sip on a coffee or a cocktail and embrace the beautiful Blue Mountain views. 

Top Accommodation Picks

When visiting the Blue Mountains area, you’re guaranteed a romantic and intimate getaway no matter where you stay. Here are some of our top picks:

romantic getaway ontario


This historic small town is perfect for couples who enjoy a bit of entertainment and literature. Stratford is known for its excellent theatre productions all year round making it one of the best getaways in Ontario. This quaint village offers leisure, history, and romance in one weekend. 

Things to Do

Although Stratford is one of the smaller towns in Ontario, it will certainly keep you entertained for as long as you choose to stay. With many lush parks and gardens, including the Shakespearean Gardens, strolling through Stratford will be a peaceful and intimate experience with your loved one. 

After a relaxing day spent strolling, check the theatre roster for different plays and shows and book your seat for a night full of delight. 

Top Accommodation Picks

If you’d like to visit Stratford on your next couples weekend away, here are some of our top picks for quaint accommodation:



Tobermory is the beach destination you have been looking for, especially with its crystal-clear waters, rocky cliffs and the Fathom Five National Marine Park. 

Things to Do 

Spending time in Tobermory with your significant other is a romantic, beautiful, and must-do experience. 

This little harbour village has many secret shipwrecks to explore as well. It is also known commonly as the scuba-diving capital of Canada. So grab your goggles and dive into the blue waters as you explore the shipwrecks and more.

Choose a full-day tour at Flowerpot Island or a different kind of day trip in the Bruce Peninsula for you and your partner. Opt for bird-watching, walking along trails, or even boating for shorter activities to enjoy. There is plenty to enjoy together in the little land of Tobermory. 

Top Accommodation Picks

Tobermory is a beautiful beach town to visit, and here are our top recommendations for places to stay:

romantic getaways ontario


Elora, a beautiful name, is a little community in central Wellington that is very picturesque and somewhat out of a movie. It is well-known for its 19th-century limestone architecture, unlike anything you’ve seen before. 

Things to Do

Elora offers various activities to keep you and your loved one busy and entertained during your stay. This little town has everything from museums to farmers’ markets to art galleries. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for. 

If you’re looking for a more relaxing way to spend your day, there’s much to do throughout the town. The Wellington County Museum and many other art galleries around Elora will leave you with a new appreciation for art and history in a truly romantic setting.

Elora offers trails, farmers’ markets, and hiking opportunities if you’re more of an outdoors person. It has a beautiful gorge lookout where you and your loved one can spend a romantic afternoon watching as the sun sets and the stars come out. 

Top Accommodation Picks

If you want to experience Elora and all it has to offer, be sure to book yourself and your partner in at one of the following:

ontario getaways


Just outside North Bay, Temagami welcomes visitors to its small and serene town, surrounded by luscious forests, towering granite rocks, and glistening lakes.

Things To Do

Spend a romantic weekend in this dreamy location by visiting a lodge or resort and enjoying hiking and canoeing. Gather around a campfire in a Muskoka chair at night and wish as the stars twinkle in the sky or plot the right time to get on one knee…
A home-cooked meal in the lodge’s dining room will make the perfect evening.

Jackson’s Point

Jackson’s Point is a rather small destination located in Georgina, on Lake Simcoe in Ontario, Canada. Upon entering Jackson’s Point, you will find a summer resort harbour, providing the perfect place for a romantic getaway with the one you love. 

Things to Do

Spending a weekend (or longer) away at Jackson’s Point will offer its fair share of busy and not-so-busy days. Regardless, each day spent together here is sure to be a memorable one. 

For a more relaxed atmosphere, grab your SPF and towels to enjoy some sunshine at Jackson’s Point’s many beaches. What better romantic getaway than sunbathing and feeling sleepy under the sun with the one you love? 

For something a little more adventurous or active, explore the many casual walks or bike trails. And be sure to pack a picnic basket for when you find that perfect spot for you and your partner to spend a relaxing afternoon. 

Jackson’s Point also has a few little museums to visit if you’re in the mood to take a deep dive into the rich history of this little town. Stroll arm in arm through these historical archives as you embrace all the town has to offer.

Top Accommodation Picks

If you’re planning on spending your next couples’ getaway in Jackson’s Point, here are some romantic accommodation picks closeby:

romantic weekend getaways ontario


This picturesque little town is not quite as extravagant as the city by the same name in Europe, but it can be just as romantic. The town has gorgeous stone buildings to admire, beautiful outdoor spaces to enjoy, and charming restaurants to dine at.

Paris is also on the list of weekend getaways from Toronto since it’s just about an hour’s drive away. And if you’re spending time in Burlington, you’re even closer to this town.

Things to Do

Paris, Ontario, may look small to those entering the town, but there is still plenty to do and see here. Your whole weekend could be filled with outdoor activities, or you could take things slower and enjoy the tranquil spaces in town.

Stroll through the town and discover why this is often called the Cobblestone Capital of Canada. There are cobblestone streets and even a few small garden walls all throughout Paris. 

Visit Lion’s Park, which has gorgeous gardens and space for picnics and hiking trails. There are also swimming pools and an amphitheatre to check out. 

Take an intimate trip down the Grand River – you can do this in a kayak, canoe, or river tubing! The river is magnificent, and for a proper sight of it, you should stop at the viewpoint of ​​Paris Main Street.

There are also plenty of hiking and cycling trails, and you’ll find more than one quiet spot along the trails and near the dams and river for a romantic picnic. 

Top Accommodation Picks

This is a small town, so accommodation choices are not endless. But you will find cozy and welcoming hotels and B&Bs for your Ontario romantic getaway.

couples getaway

Manitoulin Island

This island is thought of as “Northern Ontario’s best-kept secret,” and just by that, you can be sure it’s a fantastic place to spend a romantic weekend getaway in Ontario.

Right across the lake from Tobermory, Manitoulin Island is remote and seemingly untouched. There is endless natural beauty to be found and plenty of tranquil settings to set the mood for your romantic weekend.

Things to Do

The island is ideal for the couple who wants to spend their time together, but outdoors, exploring each corner and unturning every rock. It’s a good idea to have your own transport while here since the activities can be a little far apart.

Seek out Bridal Veil Falls – one of the island’s top attractions. This beautiful natural wonder can be found in the village of Kagawong. The falls are around 12 metres high, cascading over a limestone cliff and the pool below is stunning to cool down in. 

The lake surrounding the island offers tons of fun on the water. You can go kayaking, canoeing, or even spend some quiet time together fishing.

Find a viewpoint to look out over the island and appreciate its magnificence. There is the Cup and Saucer Trail, which you can hike, or you can find Ten Mile Point Scenic Lookout.

And if your romantic couples’ getaway in Ontario coincides with a rainy day, or you need a break from outside, there are several museums on the island. 

Top Accommodation Picks

Choose from your standard island inn, or a homely B&B, or book into a self-catering cottage for your couple’s getaway.

  • Jannah’s Cottages
  • Twin Peaks B&B
romantic getaway in ontario

Souix Narrows

Things To Do

Located in the far western region of Ontario, Souix Narrows is a picturesque rural town that comes alive in the summer months.

If your special someone loves to fish, they can take a boat out to the lake and try to catch the big one. You can bask in the sun on the beach and relax in a Muskoka chair.

Top Accommodation Picks

Nearby, Totem Resorts offers three different accommodations: Totem Lodge, Yellowbird Lodge & Chalet, and Wiley Point Lodge. These lodges have modern rooms and cabins that face the tranquil waters of Lake of the Woods, some with screened-in patios.

Guests can bring their boat or rent one at the lodge and explore the lake with a guide. When the day is over, the waterfront dining room at the lodge provides the perfect spot for a romantic dinner.

Romantic Weekend Getaways Ontario Accommodations + Map

Romantic Weekend Getaways Ontario

Well, there you have it. It turns out you don’t need to go to Europe or an island to find solace in the nature around you or art from a place out of this world. Ontario has it all, right on the footstep of Canada and close to America. 

We all need a moment to ourselves, and what better way to recharge than with a weekend away as two people take time to enjoy one another? Ontario is a simple place in the Canadian borders, but what it offers in all its cities will surprise you. 

Now you know where to book your next romantic getaways in Ontario. Whether you prefer a small-town vibe with quaint B&Bs and cozy little cafes or the vibrance of a big city, there’s something for everyone.

Pick a place that sounds perfect to you and fall more in love with the world and your partner while you enjoy your romantic getaway. There is a place dying to welcome two lovebirds for the weekend, so you might as well enjoy it.

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