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Lake Rosseau Fishing: Best Fishing Spots Near Gravenhurst

The Muskoka Lakeland region in southern Ontario is a Canadian paradise filled with enchanting natural beauty. Whether you’re exploring fishing spots in Huntsville, boating in Muskoka Lakes, or hiking in Georgian Bay, Muskoka is the ideal getaway destination for those looking to reconnect with nature.

If you’re lucky enough to be travelling around Muskoka on a fishing trip, then this post is for you. We’ll be exploring some of the best fishing spots in Muskoka’s town of Gravenhurst, near Lake Rosseau, as well as some day-trip options within driving distance of the town. 

Keep reading for a comprehensive guide to Lake Rosseau, Lake Rosseau fishing, Gravenhurst, and other fantastic fishing spots in the Muskoka region.

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About Lake Rosseau, Lake Rosseau Fishing & Muskoka Fishing

About a two-hour drive north of Toronto, you’ll find Lake Rosseau in the Muskoka region of Ontario, Canada. Lake Rosseau is one of Ontario’s Big Three Lakes and an excellent fishing spot for those looking to catch walleye or Northern pike. 

This beautiful, albeit small, lake is surrounded by cottages and gorgeous trees, stretching from Muskoka Lakes in the south to Seguin in the north. You can rent one of the many lakeside cottages on offer in the small town and spend a peaceful vacation next to the water.

Arguably one of the most popular of the Muskoka recreational lakes, Lake Rosseau is a fantastic place to cast your line for trout, Northern pike, muskellunge, smallmouth and largemouth bass and sunfish. The Northern pike fish, in particular, are abundant in the spring. Lake Rosseau ice fishing is quite popular during the winter, too.

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Boat Launching Sites on Lake Rosseau 

Both the Rosseau River and the Skeleton River run into Lake Rosseau on the lake’s northeast end. You can expect deep, clear waters with some shallow weedy areas as you get closer to the surrounding bays. You can fish on the entire lake, but first, you’ll need to find a boat launching site to start at. 

There are numerous boat launching sites on Lake Rosseau for you to choose from. These include the following:  

  • Rosseau Waterfront Park
  • Lake Rosseau Boat Ramp
  • Skeleton Bay Boat Launch
  • SWS Boat Works in Port Carling

These are all a ±40-minute drive from Gravenhurst, and there is easy access to parking at each location. Make sure you have a license to fish in Ontario as well as an Outdoor Card. You can buy Ontario fishing and hunting licenses online.

If you need to rent a boat, you can organize one with Muskoka Powersports and Recreation Ltd. They deliver rental boats around Muskoka, including in Gravenhurst, Port Carling, and Bracebridge. 

Where to Stay Near Lake Rosseau

If you’re looking for a place to stay on the lake, try the town of Minett on the west side of Lake Rosseau. Many tourists opt to rent a home in town or spend a night at the JW Marriott Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa. This hotel organizes snowmobiling and ice fishing tours in the winter, which could be a great option if you want a fun adventure without any tedious planning.

More Fishing on Lake Muskoka 

Situated between Port Carling and Gravenhurst, Lake Muskoka is a famous Canadian tourist attraction and a beautiful lake surrounded by cottages. The lake connects to Lake Rosseau via the Indian River and the Port Carling lock system.

Lake Muskoka Fishing Hot Spots & Boat Launching Sites

To fish on Lake Muskoka, you’ll first need to locate a nearby boat launching site. You can use Campbell’s Landing Marina. There’s a boat launching site called the Glen Echo Landing on 1020 Glen Echo Road, a quick 10-minute drive from Gravenhurst. 

Closer options include the Muskoka Lake Wharf Marine and Gravenhurst Muskoka Wharf near the town center.

You can also take a 5-minute drive to the Henry Island Public Boat Launch site. This site is better for smaller boat launches if you’re looking to make a short fishing trip. For larger boats, the Gravenhurst Muskoka Wharf is your best bet for boat launching.

Lake Muskoka Walleye Fishing

Lake Muskoka is a great place to catch walleye, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, northern pike, and trout like Lake Rosseau. With over 120 square kilometres of deep lake waters, Lake Muskoka is a prime location for recreational fishing. If you’re looking to catch some walleye, read on for tips on how to get the most out of fishing on Lake Muskoka. 

Make sure you visit during the opening season for pike and walleye in Muskoka. This usually begins towards the end of spring in May. 

You can generally find northern pike in the lake’s shallow areas, whereas the walleye can be found in pockets of deep water in the shallow, flat areas of the lake. You can ask some local fishermen and tourists for directions if you’re new to fishing in Muskoka. 

An excellent spot to try is the mouth of the Muskoka River just downstream from the town of Bracebridge. There’s a lot of weed growth in this spot, and the shoals and rock structures tend to be abundant with walleye as the weather gets warmer over the spring and closer to summer.

lake muskoka walleye fishing

Where to Stay on Lake Muskoka

As mentioned, the Muskoka region is known for its magnificent natural beauty. In fact, National Geographic named Muskoka one of the best summer trip destinations in 2011. The rest of the world certainly got the memo that Muskoka is the place to be for vacation. Celebrities like Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russel, and even Martin Scorsese are rumoured to own cottages near Lake Muskoka!

If you’d like to do summer in style like these A-list celebrities do, you can spend the night at a fancy lakeside hotel like the Touchstone Resort on Lake Muskoka. There are also countless cottage rentals available in the area, or you can rent a house in Gravenhurst and take a drive up to the best Lake Muskoka fishing spots.

Enjoy Fishing in Lake Rosseau, Ontario & More

Whether you’re hunting for walleye in Lake Muskoka or fishing for smallmouth bass on Lake Rosseau, Muskoka is filled with incredible lakes where you can scratch this fishing itch. Thanks to an abundance of northern pike, walleye, and other game fish in the area, you’ll have a blast fishing in and around Gravenhurst. 

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find the best fishing spots based on the tips and tricks in this post and even spend a relaxing summer in one of the fancy resort hotels in Ontario’s cottage country. Muskoka is a beautiful place to spend a vacation any time of the year, and of course, there are always great ice fishing options for you to explore in the winter. 

Enjoy your time in Muskoka, and good luck catching those walleye fish!

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