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Things To Do In Port Perry Ontario – On A Toronto Day Trip

Things To Do In Port Perry Ontario – On A Toronto Day Trip

Where else can you go from being in downtown Toronto, Canada, amongst the hustle and bustle surrounded by the concrete jungle one minute? Then an hour later, you’re sitting in the middle of a frozen lake with friends, ice fishing, drinking beer and eating apple fritters the size of your head. Port Perry, Ontario, is that place, so aside from ice fishing trips, I created a list of things to do in Port Perry on a Toronto day trip!

On a good day, it takes an hour to get from one end of Toronto to the other end of Toronto – North, South, East, West; it makes no difference one hour at least.

So when York Durham Headwaters invited a group of travel writers and myself ice fishing my initial thoughts were: “I’m going to make history as the first Afro-Canadian male to go ice fishing!” – and I’m going to make the hashtag #blackice go viral.

Then I started thinking: “Ice fishing? How far north will I have to go? North Bay? Thunder Bay? Hudson’s Bay? Nunavut?” and “Where are my snow pants?” 

things to do in port perry - lake scugog

Although ice fishing is what piqued my interest, let’s take a look at some things to do in Port Perry as one of the best weekend getaways from Toronto!

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Things To Do In Port Perry On A Day...

The History Of Port Perry, Ontario

  • Port Perry was first surveyed back in 1809, and the first family who settled in the town came in 1821. They were of European descent.
  • In 1852 the village in Scugog was named Port Perry, after Peter Perry – a reform leader in the Ontario Legislature. Perry was the main person behind the town’s planning and development.
  • Canada’s oldest existing grain elevator, which has survived many fires, earthquakes, and demolition, still sits on the shores of Lake Sc
port perry, ontario - grain elevator

Where is Port Perry?

Getting From Toronto To Port Perry

Getting from Toronto to Port Perry is pretty straightforward.
Jump on the DVP (Don Valley Parkway) to Highway 401 and head East.
Take exit 410, onto Highway 12 Northbound and follow Highway 12 north through Whitby past Brooklin and Myrtle to Manchester.
Turn east (right) in Manchester at Highway 7A and follow it to Port Perry.

Things To Do In Port Perry


The Piano Inn and Cafe

If you opted to spend the night here in the former Lenard Building – a refurbished historical landmark built in the 18th century, you can either return for lunch or start the day with one of the Inn’s most recommended dishes. French onion soup, couscous salad, Brie and Pear grilled sandwiches, crustless quiche, creamy mac & cheese, and lobster salad.

weekend trips from Toronto - Piano Cafe

Pantry Shelf

A trendy breakfast spot here in Port Perry is the Pantry Shelf patio and tea room. They are known for their baked goods; croissants, butter tarts, apple fritters and carrot cake. Ideally, it would be great to grab a seat outside, and people watch as Palmer Park is across the street. But since it’s winter and the patio was closed, we found a cozy corner inside. The daily special was a sandwich and soup; we went for the veggies soup and ham and cheddar sandwich.

day trips from Toronto - Pantry Shelf
Port Perry, Ontario - Pantry Shelf
weekend trips from Toronto - Pantry Shelf

Palmer Park

Speaking of Palmer Park, Palmer Park has the best view of Scugog lake plus splash pads, a playground area for kids, picnic tables and a walking trail that will bring you to all corners of the park. Palmer Park is also the official spot for Port Perry’s local events and festivals.

things to do in Port Perry, Ontario - Palmer Park

Scugog Ice Adventures & Ice Fishing

I couldn’t believe I was only one hour away from the very hectic concrete jungle that is Toronto and now standing on the shores of Lake Scugog gazing out at the vast openness of snow and ice. I was able to make out these bright yellow fishing huts way, way off into the distance. Suddenly I had a pit in my stomach – those huts are in the middle of the lake! 

Located in Port Perry Marina, Scugog Ice Adventures is an ideal getaway for lovers of winter-fishing and beginners like my city boy self willing to give it a go. With over 20 years of fishing knowledge on Lake Scugog, they have a pretty good idea where all the fish hang out. 

Lake Scugog has plenty of largemouth/smallmouth bass, perch, black crappie, and catfish. 

Aside from the required fishing license the good people at Scugog Ice Adventures will set up your location, take you out there, heated huts, drill the holes, supply the lines and the minnows – tools you need to catch fish.

Lake Scugog Map
fishing getaways - lake scugog
Lake Scugog Fishing Map
ice fishing trips - Christopher ice fishing
ice fishing canada - ice fishing hut on lake scugog
ice fishing canada - Kevin catching a fish
fishing trips in canada - lake scugog
York Durham Headwaters & @barrybestphotography. 
ice fishing trips - lake scugog
Photo Credit: © York Durham Headwaters & @barrybestphotography. 
ice fishing ontario - lake scugog

Things To Do In Port Perry


Port Perry Downtown

Port Perry’s historic downtown is one of York Durham’s prettiest little towns. With loads of boutique shops that line the Victorian streets starting from Lake Scugog with its Old Mill – Canada’s oldest grain elevator, up towards the Town Hall Theatre. Everything from bamboo organic yoga clothes and antiques/treasures to custom-designed jewelry, handmade gifts and handcrafted miniatures.

Often used as a filming location because of its small-town “American” feel it’s currently being transformed into the fictional town Lakeside for the show American Gods.  Port Perry has been the backdrop, Hemlock Grove, The West Wing, Welcome To Mooseport and Fly Away Home.

where is port perry - downtown port perry
where is port perry - down town port perry
where is port perry - down town port perry
where is port perry - down town port perry
port perry downtown - willow books
port perry downtown
port perry downtown

Marwan’s Global Bistro & The Port Social 

Marwan’s restaurant is littered with photos of the owner Marwan featuring his travels, which he credits as the source of his extensive knowledge of different foods found on the menu. Marwan himself recommended his curry dishes, Butter Chicken, Veggie Tikka Masala, Thai Red Curry, Thai Red Curry with Chicken, Thai Red Curry with Shrimp. 

I went with the Butter Chicken Breast, Creamy Wild Tomato Curry Sauce with Fresh Rice – Let’s just say I was thrilled with my choice. 

Marwan’s Global Bistro also offers prime rib, sausage platters & spicy Mexican meatballs. For vegans and plant-based eaters, they serve a variety of delicious veggie burgers, smoked cauliflower tacos, quinoa bowl, veggie tikka masala, grilled veggie sandwich, a veggie curry dish, Thai vegan red curry, and more.
Right beside Marwan’s Global Bistro is Marwan’s other business, The Port Social, where he serves tapas, beers, cocktails, wine & spirits. The bar features live music on the weekends and expertly crafted cocktails!

port perry restaurants on the water - the port social
port perry restaurants on the water - the port social
port perry restaurants on the water - the port social
port perry restaurants on the water - the port social
Photo Credits: © York Durham Headwaters & @barrybestphotography. 
port perry restaurants on the water - the port social
Photo Credits: © York Durham Headwaters & @barrybestphotography. 
port perry restaurants on the water - the port social
Photo Credits: © York Durham Headwaters & @barrybestphotography. 

Port Perry Post Office

The very first post office of Port Perry opened in 1852 and the first postmaster was a man named Joseph Bigelow. The current post office was built in 1914 and would have been torn down if a group of locals didn’t convince the officials that it has historic value.

port perry canada - port perry united church

Hank’s Pastries LTD

I was first introduced to Hank’s Pastries while ice fishing. Scugog Ice Adventures had a Tim Horton’s carafe (Canada’s favourite coffee) and a box of Hank’s large apple fritters shipped out to us in the huts. I’m ashamed to say that the apple fritter is so large that I actually couldn’t finish it, which marks the first time I was unable to complete a dessert.

port perry canada - hank's pastries

Hank’s has been in the business since the mid-1800s, and they are known for their delicious and freshly baked treats. From meat pies, fruit bread and buns to cookies, old-fashioned scratch donuts, huge apple fritters and Mille Feuille (custard cake).

For the record “scratch-baking” in the old-fashioned way of only using all-natural ingredients with no fillers or preservatives.

port perry canada - hank's pastries

Port Perry United Church

Port Perry United Church, part of The United Church of Canada opened in 1925 and can accommodate about 200 worshippers.

Town Hall Theatre

Town Hall Theatre has been at the centre of arts and culture for more than half a decade. They offer a variety of entertainment from dance, theatre, live music, and more. The building itself was established in 1873.

port perry canada - port perry united church
Port Perry United Church & Town Hall Theatre

Reflection Park

Reflection Park was opened as a memorial park in 2008 and was attended by Port Perry’s respected government officials and local war veterans. It was the result of students from nine who volunteered their talents and skills to the project. 

War Memorial Library (Now Closed)

War Memorial Library was constructed in 1934 but only officially operated the following year.

port perry history - war memorial library
port perry history - reflection park

Caviar and Cobwebs

Caviar & Cobwebs is a boutique store that sells legitimate collectibles and antiques. Everything from hard-to-find jewellery and linens to books, memorabilia and art. Gordana picked up a Hammersley & Co. teacup and saucer that dates back to the 1930s

Herrington’s Quality Butchers

Right beside Caviar & Cobwebs is Herrington’s which I had the pleasure of trying their delicious dry salami while ice fishing on Lake Scugog. Ex-Farmer, Brent visits many of the farms that he buys his meat from. In addition to that, he was a finalist in Ontario’s Finest Butcher Competition

day trips from toronto - port perry stores

Things To Do In Port Perry


Old Flame Brewery

Located in the restored former Ontario Carriage Works building built in the 18th century is the Old Flame Brewing Company. The tasting room is filled with rustic and wooden decorations, most of which tie together the building’s history. Comfortable couches, high top and regular tables invite you to bring your own food and pets are welcome.

weekend getaways from toronto - old flame brewery
weekend getaways from toronto - old flame brewery
weekend getaways from toronto - old flame brewery
weekend getaways from toronto - old flame brewery

The Nutty Chocolatier

The Nutty Chocolatier uses 100% of the finest Callebaut chocolate imported from Belgium and is considered one of Ontario’s best-handcrafted chocolate makers.  I have no idea who Callebaut is but I’ve definitely tried Belgium chocolates when I was in Belgium. They have gelatin-free, gluten-free, milk-free and sugar-free as well as truffles, nut clusters, and barks.

weekend trips from toronto - the nutty chocolatier
weekend trips from toronto - the nutty chocolatier
weekend trips from toronto - the nutty chocolatier
weekend trips from toronto - the nutty chocolatier
My absolute favourite is their  Maple Fudge. Do No Leave Port Perry without it! You’ve been warned!

Captain George Fish & Chips

I’ve eaten fish and chips everywhere from England to Ireland and there is a definite science to doing them right. Captain George serves up a decent fish & chips – Perfectly fried (not greasy), traditional breaded halibut, fries, coleslaw, a lemon wedge and tartar sauce. My advice is to get extra tartar sauce, it’s homemade and tastes incredible.

port perry restaurants on the water - Captain George Fish and chips
port perry restaurants on the water - Captain George Fish and chips

Where To Stay In Port Perry

day trips from toronto - the piano inn cafe
where to stay in Port Perry

The Piano Inn & Cafe | The Piano Inn 1884

Perfect if you’re planning on spending the night in Port Perry, just passing through or grabbing a bite to eat. The Piano Inn & Cafe is located in the heart of downtown Port Perry, and the historic building has five private upscale suites steps away from boutiques, dining and Lake Scugog Marina.

where to stay in Port Perry

Heath Haven Bed and Breakfast

Also located in downtown Port Perry, Health Haven is a newly renovated Bed and Breakfast with a cozy, cottage, small-town setting feel.

The Hive B & B Resort 

If you are looking to extend your Port Perry stay by recharging, partaking in and learning more about indigenous practices of well-being, art and culture all while reconnecting with nature book your stay at The Hive Bed & Breakfast. About 34 Kilometres from Port Perry The Hive Bee & Bee offers single room and full house rentals, daily or weekly. My good friend Chris Mitchell from Ultimate Ontario wrote all about our press trip experience at the The Hive B & B Resort

Next door is The Hive Centre, a charming heritage church that provides training, workshops, retreats and events with community-related activities like; art, culture, history, well-being and nature. The Hive Centre and Bee & Bee are surrounded by 18 Acres of Commemorative Forest – Designated by the Province of Ontario, Nature Conservancy of Canada and Ontario Conservation Authorities. Trip Advisor

Elsii & Kevin - Owners of the Hive - port perry map
the hive b & b resort - port perry map
Photo Credit: © York Durham Headwaters & @barrybestphotography. 

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