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Christmas Tree Farm Ontario | 6 Top Jolly Tree Lots to Explore

Christmas Tree Farm Ontario

Christmas time in Ontario is the season of gift-giving, joyful spirits, and magical moments. Whether you prefer to spend this holiday at home or on a winter getaway, you’re in for a dazzling time filled with frosty memories. The traditional green and red decorations and trimmings are a holiday staple, but nothing shines brighter than a decorated shimmering shrubbery. But how do you find the best Christmas tree farm Ontario offers in your area?

A Christmas tree is much more than a space for presents from Santa. It represents the essence of the most wonderful time of the year.

If you are unsure where to buy a Christmas tree this holiday season? Dust off your Christmas tinsel and ornaments as Ontario tree farms will provide a kaleidoscope of holiday trees to choose from. There’s no need to google “Christmas tree farms near me.” We’ve listed them below: 

person and dog standing outside at a christmas tree farm | christmas tree farm ontario
Image by Cara Grobbelaar

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Common Christmas Tree Types in Ontario

While it can be easy to pick any old tree and call it a day, some tree types are born to embody the festive cheer of the holiday. The most popular leafy beauties in Ontario this time of year are the White Spruce and Scotch Pine. 

These two, however, are not the only types you can choose from. The Christmas tree lots in Ontario provide a wide variety of traditional and exotic holiday tree types to make your home a holiday winter wonderland. These include:

  • Colorado Blue Spruce
  • White Pine
  • Balsam Fir
  • Fraser Fir

If you are unsure which tree is the best fit for you and your family, rest assured – Christmas tree farmers of Ontario are dedicated and passionate about their business. They will be more than willing to answer your questions and help you find your perfect tree.

Best Christmas Tree Farms in Ontario

Although plastic trees can be a great addition to your December décor, nothing gets you into that Christmas cheer quite like the crisp scent of a freshly chopped tree. Here are the ultimate Ontario Christmas tree farms to find the cream of the Christmas tree crops: 

two men dragging a cut tree through a tree farm | tree farm ontario
Image by Any Lane

Erin Hill Acres

Situated in the Wellington County, Erin Hill Acres will have your Christmas tree dreams come to life. Once you have arrived, tractor wagons for passengers are available to transport you safely to the sea of prosperous trees ready for picking.

Each group is given a hand saw to cut their perfect tree and watch the rooted giant come crashing down. This activity provides family fun with an agriculture twist and is a sure-fire way to create some cherished memories.

Location: 5837 3 Line, Hillsburgh, ON N0B 1Z0


If you’re looking for a merry farm that fully embraces the Christmas spirit, Drysdale’s is the pick for you. During the weekends, from November 20 to December 19, visitors can enjoy the icy pleasures of the Christmas and Holiday village. This holiday tradition has been a local favourite since 1945.

In fact, Britt, our SEO + Content Strategist, shared that this is the Ontario Christmas tree farm she went to every year with her family.

A delightful time on the farm filled with exciting activities, such as horse-drawn carriage rides and a visit from Santa Claus, will be sure to cure your winter blues. This venue is also equipped with cut-your-own Christmas tree experiences to ensure you get the centrepiece you need for the festive season.

Location: 6635 Simcoe County Rd 56, Egbert, ON L0L 1N0, Canada

cut Christmas trees bundled and lined up for sale | christmas tree
Photo by drysdalestreefarm

Jingle Bills Christmas Tree Farm

Lovingly dubbed as the “Southern Ontario’s North pole,” this festive farmland will have any Grinch feeling the warm embrace of the Yuletide. Jingle Bills farm is around a 100-acres of land embellished with a picturesque brook and various Christmas-themed attractions.

The farm offers two festive trees to choose from: White Pine and White Spruce. The trees are also pesticide-free to encapsulate the essence of unhindered nature in each tree. After a pick-your-own Christmas tree experience, make your way to the Elves Marketplace to purchase some tasty treats.

Did we mention the farm offers complimentary hot chocolate, apple cider, and cookies? Talk about a jolly Christmas!

Location: 7373 Concession 1, Puslinch, ON N0B 2J0, Canada

evergreen trees covered in snow | christmas tree farms
Image by jinglebillstreefarm on Instagram

Clembrook Christmas Farm

Located in Milton on the border of the Niagara Escarpment, Clembrook Christmas Farm is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. The farm provides an array of trees to choose from to make your Christmas extra special. 

Whether you prefer the sharp pointed ends of a Colorado Blue Spruce or the delicate soft touch of a Canaan Fir, these Christmas trees in Milton will provide the tree of your dreams. The farm offers the opportunity for guests to cut their own trees or purchase pre-cut saplings. 

Once you’ve finished your farm adventure you can enjoy the stunning view of Rattlesnake Point. A multitude of technicolour trees as far as the eye can see make it the ultimate backdrop for a wintery family photo op.

Tip: There is a limited amount of hand saws available on the farm. Pack in your own hand saw to make sure you are prepared from the day ahead.

Location: 4231 Derry Rd W, Milton, ON L9T 2Y1, Canada

three people gesturing to a cut tree at a Christmas tree farm | ontario tree farms
Image by Any Lane

Elliott Tree Farm

A family-owned Christmas tree farm since 1890, Elliott Tree Farms is the epitome of good times and festive cheer. Ranging from 6 to 14 feet trees, this local Christmas tree farm has an extensive list of needled wonders to choose from.

The farm has a comprehensive list of services to ensure you get the Christmas tree you’ve been hoping for. This includes cut-your-own, pre-cut, and even a tree delivery and set-up service to alleviate some stress for holiday preparations.

The gorgeous groves within the farm boundary are a great opportunity for nature photographers to capture the beauty of the trees. Equipped with a hot chocolate bar and a gift shop, you’ll never have a dull moment at this farm.

Location: 9467 Erin East Garafraxa Townline, Hillsburgh, ON N0B 1Z0, Canada

View of the Elliot Tree Farm sign | ontario tree farms
Image by elliotttreefarm on Instagram

Merry Farms

Are you searching for the best Christmas tree farms in Hamilton, Ontario? If so, you’re in luck – Merry Farms is the perfect solution. This 176-acre farm has been in the family since 2013, but it has been operated as a go-to stop for Christmas trees in Ontario since the early 1970s.

The Merrys (yes, that’s their name – clearly, they were meant to be Christmas tree farmers) visited the farm to cut their own trees as a family before even considering purchasing it. Today, they operate a fun, family-focused experience with both their Pumpkinfest celebrations in the fall and Christmas tree farm during the holiday season. You can choose between Balsam Fir and Fraser Fir trees, both available as “pre-cut” or “cut your own” trees.

After choosing your perfect Christmas tree, browse the many festive items for sale in their rustic Christmas store. Hot drinks and baked goods are also available at the store for you to enjoy. On the weekends, “The Sweet Shack” opens with an assortment of delicious eats, including apple cider donuts using local cider, fudge, peameal on a bun, cookies, and more.

Location: 1974 Concession Road 2 W, Hamilton (Lynden), ON L0R 1T0

Tips for Visiting a Christmas Tree Farm in Ontario

Dress Appropriately for the Season

You will be spending a significant amount of time outdoors in the chilly winter weather. To avoid feeling a chill, wear warm clothing—dress in layers, including a thermal base and a waterproof outer layer. You should also consider wearing comfortable, waterproof walking shoes to trudge the muddy winter weather conditions. Trust us – your ankles will thank you.

If you are bringing your children, consider packing an extra change of clothing and leaving it in the vehicle. That way, if they get wet or muddy while playing in the fields, you can easily change them into something warm and cozy for the ride home.

Consider Bringing a Tarp

Dragging your tree back after cutting it down can be challenging. One trick that can make this process much easier is using a tarp. Roll your tree onto the tarp, which will serve as a sled, allowing you and a friend to grab a corner and drag the tree back to your vehicle with ease. If you’re travelling alone, don’t be afraid to ask for help – they will gladly assist you!

Take Steps at Home to Make Your Christmas Tree Live Longer

Selecting and bringing home your Christmas tree is only the first part of the process. There are also things you will need to do after you have that stunning tree back at your house to keep it fresh and healthy for longer. Here are five steps to take at home to make your Christmas tree live longer:  

Make a Fresh Cut When You Get Home

After bringing your Christmas tree home, make a fresh cut to remove the bottom quarter inch of the trunk before setting it up in your Christmas tree stand. This will ensure your tree can take up the water it needs to stay fresh and green for longer. Keep the water topped up, never allowing the water level to drop below the bottom of the tree. Be prepared for the fact it will need more water the first few days after being cut.

Set Up Your Tree in a Shady, Cool Spot

Before setting up and decorating your tree, take a moment to carefully consider where you will place it. Avoid setting it up in the direct “line of fire” of a heating vent or other heating source, as it can dry the tree out faster. You should also avoid keeping your tree in direct sunlight by strategically choosing a shaded area of the home or using thick curtains to block the sun’s rays.

Use a Secure Tree Stand with a Large Water Reservoir

When selecting a Christmas tree stand for your live tree, there are two critical factors to consider.

First, you want to ensure that the stand can securely hold your tree. Stands usually have a recommended tree size associated with them. If your tree is going to be larger in size, like 10 or 12 feet tall, you will need to find a stand that is rated for that.

Second, ensure that your tree has a large reservoir to hold water. The more water the stand can hold at once, the less work you will need to do to prevent your tree from drying out.

Never Let Your Tree Run Dry

Speaking of preventing your tree from drying out, keeping that water reservoir filled is critical for a healthy tree. Just as you made a fresh cut when you first brought the tree home, the best care for your tree would require doing the same if it dries out at any point. That’s a lot of work – more than most people are willing to commit to for a healthy tree!

Instead, make checking your tree’s water level part of your daily routine. If you notice the water level is dropping low, top it up.

Skip the Tricks and Gimmicks

There are a lot of gimmicks and “old wives’ tales” out there in terms of ingredients to include in your tree’s water to keep it fresh for longer, including sugar, corn syrup, or Coca-Cola. There is no conclusive evidence that any of this works. Not only is there no guarantee they will help, but they could cause harm – there is a reason that sugar water is used for controlling weed growth. Don’t give your tree anything except for clean, fresh water.

potted evergreen trees in a greenhouse | christmas tree farms near me
Image by Lisa

Final Thoughts on Ontario Tree Farms During Christmas Time

While fall has the best pumpkin picking in Ontario, winter is reserved for the joyous times of Christmas tree hunting. These happy times spark joy and warm fuzzy feelings in abundance, but what would the annual Christmas photo look like without its star tree in the background? 

With its sublime tree farms, Ontario will have you covered for all your holiday decoration needs. Get ready to delve into the festive spirit as various woodland wonderlands await.

Do you know of the best Christmas tree farm Ontario has to offer, and we missed it? If so, let us know! Share your favourite festive finds in the comments.

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