The Best Things to Do in Fergus Ontario

things to do in fergus ontario

Fergus is a scenic heritage community that is home to beautiful parks and tons of greenery. The scenic town is brimming with fun and leisurely things to do in Fergus. 

Stone buildings, quaint eateries, pretty boutiques, and unique galleries make up the residential community of Fergus. Many people visit the town to attend the Fergus Scottish Festival and Highland Games taking place in August every year. 

Whether you’re a tourist or local, you’re sure to love this town for its lakeside fun, water sports, delicious food, and charming architecture.

Last Updated: June 6, 2024

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Where Is Fergus?

Fergus is approximately 5 km (3 miles) from Elora, another community in Centre Wellington. There are many adventurous things to do in Elora, and tourists love its small village charm.

Toronto, Ontario’s capital city, is about 107,6 km (66.86 miles) from Fergus and has many places to visit and day trip options available.
Why not explore the rest of Ontario while you’re at it? Hiring a campervan is one way to explore this province with your family or friends. A discount car rental in Fergus allows you to travel to nearby towns like Elora, Elmira, Guelph, and other places in Ontario.

things to do in fergus ontario

What to Do in Fergus, Ontario

Keep scrolling to discover all the wonderful things Fergus has to offer, including famous landmarks and enjoyable activities. Don’t forget to take a DSLR camera to capture your memories!

1. Visit the Wellington County Museum & Archives

Visiting the Wellington County Museum and Archives is one of the best things to do in Fergus, Ontario. The museum is housed in the oldest surviving example of a Poorhouse in Canada, built-in 1877 to house non-criminals and the destitute. 

Today, the museum’s two floors of exhibitions showcase the significant history of this county and The Archives is a well-curated facility of national records. 

things to do in fergus

2. Enjoy Water Sports at the Belwood Lake Conservation Area

The Belwood Lake Conservation Area is a less-famous tourist spot but still a true gem. In 1942, the lake was constructed with the Shand Dam, the first Canadian dam built to control the water supply.

Visitors can enjoy boating, fishing, kayaking, and water-skiing here. You can catch sight of the Grand River valley from the dam’s top deck or take a stairway to its base.

what to do in fergus ontario

3. See a Show at the Fergus Grand Theatre

Built-in 1928, the Fergus Grand Theatre has a fascinating art deco feel. Previously, the place was an old barn remodelled into a theatre by Sam Fardella. 

Even hundreds of years later, the theatre stays true to its purpose of providing quality entertainment for the community. Canadian artists and others from around the world take to the theatre’s stage for artistic, cultural, business, and charity events.

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4. Shop at the One and Only Handmade Marketplace

Support local by shopping at the One and Only Handmade Marketplace, which has uniquely-crafted products on offer from more than 100 artisans. They also have eco-friendly, zero waste, and refill options. 
The bright and spacious shop is located in downtown Fergus, Ontario. Their range is quite extensive, from treasures for your home and garden to items to add to your wardrobe and jewelry collection.

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5. Stroll through the Templin Gardens

While Fergus has many gardens to stroll through, Templin Gardens is the crown jewel of them all. Located in the town’s centre, the Templin Gardens alludes to Fergus’s existing beauty and charm. 

Start your day with a morning stroll next to the Grand River that flows here. A stone staircase has three pathways leading to the river’s edge, and the garden’s structures make for worthwhile photographs.

downtown fergus
downtown fergus ontario
downtown fergus ontario
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6. Rejuvenate at the Mosaic Spa

Looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Mosaic Spa offers rejuvenating and soothing treatments like facials, manicures, pedicures, and body massages. Also on offer are aesthetic services like laser treatments and injectables.

Mosaic Spa boasts varying packages for different seasons. One package includes a honey enzyme facial that will leave your skin glowing and an aromatherapy welcome ritual to ease your nerves.

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7. Learn Fly-Fishing at Grand River Troutfitters

Grand River Troutfitters pride themselves on their ability to provide outdoor educational experiences, especially when it comes to fly-fishing. Offers include courses for small classes of one, two, or three students, so each member receives a carefully tailored experience. 

Experiences also include walk’n’wading the Grand River Tailwater and drift boating.

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8. Rent a Bike From The Bicycle Tailor

Located in downtown Fergus, The Bicycle Tailor offers a selection of recreational bicycles, including Rocky Mountain, Devinci, True North, and Opus. You can rent a bike for any place in Centre Wellington and some surrounding areas for a half or full-day. 

This Fergus place is also a repair shop, and if you buy a bike from them, you can have it tailored to your taste.

9. Grab a Bite at The Brew House on the Grand

The Brew House is a family-friendly pub located in a historic building along the banks of the Grand River. They cater to most dietary restrictions with vegetarian-friendly, vegan-friendly, and gluten-free options.

The pub stays true to its motto, “There’s always something happening at the Brew House,” with an exciting schedule. It’s always a lively scene from trivia nights to contemporary music and fish ‘n chip deals.

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10. Burn Some Calories at the Confederation Park

A popular spot for fishing, biking, walking and hiking, the Confederation Park has something for just about everyone. Located on the eastern end of Fergus, the park boasts a gorgeous waterfall and trails through the forest that end up at different hideouts. 

Relax with the sound of the gushing waterfall or burn some calories while hiking one of the many trails.

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11. Take a Cute Picture in Front of the Fergus Post Office 

A trip to Fergus is incomplete without a picture in front of this cute Fergus structure featuring a clock tower. This historic Post Office was built in 1912, at the same time as the post office in nearby Elora. Both buildings share the same Romanesque style, with local sandstone used in their construction (instead of the typical red brick). 

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12. Visit Elora & Guelph

Fergus is in the same county as Elora and technically Guelph; however, Guelph is its municipality, and Elora and Fergus are often promoted together. It goes without saying that a visit to Elora & Guelph is highly recommended.

Like Fergus, Elora is situated on the picturesque Grand River in the south of Ontario and is another charming destination for a day out from the bustling city of Toronto. Once you visit, it is easy to see why A.J. Casson of the famed Group of Seven dubbed it “Ontario’s Most Beautiful Village.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some fun things to do in Guelph, Ontario?

Although Guelph is its own municipality, it’s technically within Wellington County, which is the same county where you’ll find Elora & Fergus. What was once a hidden gem, the charming riverside villages of Elora and Fergus, are now well-known attractions and worth a day trip from Guelph.

Final Thoughts on Fergus, Ontario 

I hope you love Fergus just as much as I do! This small town has a fun and laid-back atmosphere with many things to do in downtown Fergus. You’ll find yourself wanting to spend many days here exploring the hiking trails or taking a nap at one of the serene parks.

things to do in fergus

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