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One of the best road trip podcasts about road trips!

Join hosts Danielle Desir Corbett and Christopher Rudder, passionate road trippers and experienced travellers, as they go beyond the surface-level information in typical travel guides. From charming small towns to picturesque villages and lesser-known attractions across the U.S. and Canada, discover what makes each destination unique, its claim to fame, and the best-kept secrets locals cherish.

Dive into the planning process, from selecting the perfect routes, packing essentials, budgeting tips, and more. Equipped with insights, you’ll be well-prepared to create unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Join our newsletter for updates!

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Meet The Hosts

Helping you plan memorable road trips across the U.S. and Canada.

Danielle Desir Corbett

Based in New England (USA), Danielle Desir Corbett is the brains behind the award-winning personal finance and affordable luxury travel blog and 4x grant-funded podcast, The Thought Card.

Danielle is a financially savvy traveler who rediscovered road tripping in 2020 when air travel was restricted. She loves road tripping with her family to Vermont and Upstate New York, and recently completed her first U.S. cross-country road trip.

She isn’t shy talking about money, in fact it’s one of her favorite topics, and is all about making smart decisions that leads to living a travel-filled lifestyle.

Fun Facts About Danielle

  • Road Trip Non-negotiables: Chargers for electronics
  • Music or Podcasts: Podcasts, duh!
  • Recommended Road Trip: Dubrovnik (Croatia) to Kotor (Montenegro)
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Christopher Rudder

Based in Toronto (Canada), Christopher Rudder is a talented travel videographer, editor, and photographer for Rudderless Travel, an international travel blog for planning short trips, road trips, and day trips around the globe.

When flights were grounded in 2020, he not only rediscovered road-tripping, but also his beautiful Canadian province of Ontario, launching the successful Road Trip Ontario website.

Stricking a balnce between must-see sites and hidden-gems, find Christopher at a brewery, exploring museums, or dinning at foodie hotspots.

Fun Facts About Christopher

  • Road Trip Non-negotiables: Hydrio flask with water
  • Music or Podcasts: Podcasts or Talk Radio, but every now and then, I need a tune that I can blast loudly and sing along with.
  • Recommended Road Trip: Any of the highways or back streets in Ontario during the Fall.