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At Road Trip Ontario, we are committed to showing you what Ontario has to offer. Whether it’s our inspiring Day Trips & Weekend Getaway itineraries, enabling our readers to share stories and photos in our Facebook Group or partnering with Tourism Boards, local entrepreneurs or companies like Firefly Books to giveaway some excellent books (Waterfalls of Ontario, Backroads of Southern Georgian Bay & Backroads of Ontario).

In addition, to articles and books, what if we told you there was an app that could take our insightful Road Trip Ontario itineraries and convert them into your GPS tour guide. This GPSmyCity guide, with all its points of interest from selected articles, can be downloaded to your iPhone or Android for offline use. Sounds cool, right?

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Road Trip Inspiration VS Road Trip Aggravation

Planning a road trip can be both fun and stressful. You must consider what you want to see and experience, whether famous landmarks, shopping, hiking in nature, restaurants etc. For added enjoyment, if you’re travelling with friends or family, you need to plan activities together, which can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. 

For us, what inspires a particular point of interest in our local Ontario cities and towns are the stories and history. Tourist attractions and hidden gems sprinkled with nature, food and drink. As travel writers, we pride ourselves on producing relatable, informative, honest experiences and stories. 

But let’s face it. Sometimes we just want to be told where and what to see.

Introducing the GPSmyCity App 

GPSMyCity is an app that helps travellers find exciting places around the globe. Using GPSmyCity, you can browse through thousands of travel blogs and articles written by travel writers who are already known and trusted for writing about points of interest, restaurants, accommodations, museums etc.

GPSmyCity will convert these blog posts and articles into mobile apps that you can download onto your phone or tablet and refer to them as if you were reading them from the original author’s website. Aside from the ability to read and refer to your free article app at any time, whether on the plane, at your accommodation or standing right in front of the point of interest. 

Readers can upgrade their article by paying a small fee by connecting it to an offline map and a GPS navigation engine. Once upgraded, if the readers need to visit any of the landmarks, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums, viewpoints, etc., mentioned in the blog post/article, they can click the “Go There” button next to the attraction name in the article. The app will create a travel route with options for walking, driving and cycling on an offline map to that particular place.

Road Trip Ontario and GPSmyCity are giving away a GPSmyCity Premium Membership, allowing FREE access to all the guides and articles + GPS within the app for one year.

To claim your one-year premium membership:

  1. Download the GPSmyCity app from the app store (Apple or Android)
  2. Tap on the “Account” tab at the bottom, then tap “Register.”
  3. Create a GPSmyCity user account (Username, Email, Password) and tap “Register.”
  4. Finally, tap “More” at the bottom, then tap “Feedback.”
    Send GPSmyCity with an email that includes the claim code 27170801.
  5. After GPSmyCity receives your email, they will enable the Premium Membership on your account.

***NOTE: You must send the email with the claim code no later than August 7th***

GPSmyCity Articles by Road Trip Ontario

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Final Words On GPSmyCity

GPSmycity has established the Blog2app program, which aims to allow all travel writers and travel bloggers to monetize the articles they contribute to the GPSmyCity website. Everybody wins! Travellers get an informative offline guide and maps with a route plotted out according to the blog post written by the traveller blogger. The traveller blogger continues writing about his/her travels while maintaining their own travel blog. And we all win because the traveller gets a free app to access their information anywhere, anytime.

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